Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look Who came to Visit Dee!

Santa and Dee waving hi to everyone.  

Santa sitting.  
I took 2 pictures, so you  can get an idea of how "big" Santa is.  
He is "stuffed" and 5 feet tall!
He will look lovely on a door, wall, etc.
This craft took me approximately 40 hours to create!
The pictures do not show the details that are sewn
into his beard, moustache, etc.

White and Gold Wreath  created by Dee.
Well. I guess it's August, because my house (Dee's) is beginning 
to look a lot like Christmas!...As I begin to 
 create crafts at home. 
If we didn't, we would not have enough items for our bazaar's. 
 Carolyn is busy knitting at home.
Her items are always beautiful, and sell quickly. 
Donna makes hand crafted greeting cards at home.
Everyone has a special talent that they bring to
craft guild.  And we can't wait to see what we will create!
Our groups is compiled of approximately 12 women.
We are a dedicated group of ladies who enjoy our time together.
And we warmly welcome all who would like to join this
faith and fun loving group .

                     Red Wreath created by Dee
                   Many of our supplies, are donated by our church
members and friend's, So I usually don't know what I'm going to
create until, I see what supplies are available.   And of course,
we shop for supplies, and use coupons, to keep our costs down.

Molly just loves it when it's craft time!

I decided to make a few Christmas mobile's.
They turned out nicely and will give a bit of holiday spirit
in a small place.  For example, office, or someone confined, etc.

For our first class, we made hanging pine cones and
 reindeer.  Gail brings the pine cones from North Carolina.
Khris is shown creating her pine cone.  She is holding
her completed craft below.

 Donna and Khris, showing a few of completed 
holiday creations.

Joanne is holding our reindeer.  They are made with soap
and a wash cloth!  How cute!

left to right: Lucy, Ruth, Carolyn,and Deb.
Here we are starting to work on
our kitchen angels.  They are made from glass 
salt and pepper shakers.  They were introduced last year,
and sold very quickly.  So this year we made 18.  
When they're gone, their  gone!
Faye and Carolyn will tell you that
the most difficult part is the hair.
and it all starts with hot glue.
This gal needs a haircut!

Here Deb shows 2 of our lovely kitchen angels!

Well, that's it for this week.
I will do another posting in a week or two.
There is sooo much more to come!

We have already husked, cleaned and
froze corn, for our famous Corn Chowder Soup.
We will also be serving our Camp Soup, which is
hamburger  Vegetable Soup with Pasta, and we will
also have Wild Rice Soup.  These soup's are so good,
you will have a difficult time deciding your favorite.  
That's why we also sell them by the pint and quart.

Mark your calendar for December 6th and 7th.
More information to follow.  Have questions??? Carolyn at church 843-2922.

See ya!...I've got to get busy!!!...
it's only 15 weeks to our bazaar!!!