Thursday, December 26, 2013


Molly and the Bethany Craft Guild
wish you and your family
a very Blessed Christmas!

We Thank You for your wonderful support
and help at our Christmas Bazaar.
After expenses we made $3,200!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The Bethany UM Craft Guild ladies welcome you, to our Most Wonderful Christmas Bazaar!  Friday and Saturday, December 6th and 7th.  We will be here to greet and assist you from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm .

We are located at 1401 Mt. Rose Ave, York, with plenty of parking and we are handicap accessible.

Come and see, smell and enjoy the delights of Christmas!

We have wonderful affordable Christmas gifts ideas for everyone.  Beautiful decorative items, including wreaths, floral arrangements, snowmen, ornaments and so much more!  There are hand knit items, jewelry, gourds and greeting cards.

Our Bake Shoppe will be filled with pies, cakes, cupcakes, apple dumplings, cookies, fudge, chocolate covered marshmallows and more special sweet delights.

We will have jams, chow chow, and soup sold by  the pint or quart for $2.75 pint  $5 quart.

Join us for lunch served from 10 am to 2  pm.  We offer 4 different soups.  Hamburger Vegetable, Chicken Corn soup made with fresh frozen corn that we prepared this Summer, Cream of Cauliflower and Chicken Wild Rice. All of these soups are favorites!  We will have 3 different sandwich choices, side dishes and the most yummy desserts!

All under one roof!, relax, enjoy lunch and meet new friends!  All of this was created and prepared for you by our Bethany Craft Guild ladies, a group of approximately 12 women!  We meet weekly and would love to have you join us!  Ask one of the ladies for more information,

See you at the Bazaar!!!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

We're Pooped!!!

Okay folks...We have just finished our crafting and the gals are taking the week off to prepare for and enjoy Thanksgiving Blessings and family gatherings.  Then we will have one week to work on our candies, fudge, cookies, cakes, pies, apple dumplings, and all our other goodies!

Friday and Saturday are the big day!  December 6th and 7th, we will be ready to greet you from 8am to 3pm on both days.  1401 Mt. Rose Ave. York.  Any questions, call Carolyn at church 717-843-2922.

Plan on staying or returning for a very special lunch.  All homemade, made especially for your pleasure.  Our soups are the best and will be available for takeout in  Pints or quarts.  ME?...I've already ordered one of each!  Don't forget to tell your family, friends, and co-worker's.

We have plenty of parking and are handicap accessible.

Yes...We are Pooped!...but this is what it is all about.  Welcoming you and seeing everyone enjoy the crafts, goodies, and foods.

Where does our money go?  Again...we will tell you that we help support the United Methodist Women with monetary help for the Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets.  We also support the block party in the Fall. which benefits the children with school supplies.  We help with Bethany UM Ministries.  Our ongoing project has been the Social room.  We have paid for new ceiling tiles, new tables and chairs, and now we are saving to have the carpeting removed to be replaced with new flooring.  We are hopeful that this can be done in 2014.  The community and everyone at Bethany benefits from our Christmas and Easter Bazaars.

Now I would like to share with you our last posting before our... 2013 "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" Christmas Bazaar.  I will post pictures of the bazaar, sometime the following week.

Thank you for all your donations and support!

 First, I would like to introduce you to my new friend, Calvin!  He came to visit the gals at Craft Guild.  Calvin helped me with a craft and I asked him if I could take his picture with his Grandpa, Pastor Dennis.  And he said yes!

After I took a picture, Calvin asked if he could take a picture.  I said "Of Course!..

He takes a GREAT picture!...Don't you agree?

Lucy made 2 of these lovely matching wreaths.
The wreath is covered with red yarn and they are 
finished with lovely felt flowers and leaves!
They would be beautiful on double doors!
Simply Elegant!

We made candy sleighs!
A great stocking stuffer, office gift, or someone confined.
Anyone really, who has a sweet tooth!

Lastly...last year, my Sister, Linda, came from Delaware to 
the bazaar.  She wanted an apron and we had sold what we
So, this year, she is coming and also bringing my Sister, Betty from New Jersey.
Now being she is traveling so far...I felt that we better have some aprons!
I made 9!  Here is a selection of some but not all of them.
  Each one is different.  I had fun creating them, and by the way...
the cupcake apron is mine!  You can see me wearing it 
Friday at the Baked Goods
and remember, we have to save one for Linda!

This apron has a watermelon print with watermelon bib and pockets.

 This blue print has an Espresso bib and two pockets.

 This is a lovely 40's vintage look.
With a green plaid bib and pockets.

 This is my favorite!
A nurse would enjoy this one.  It has a bib, pockets and
 bottom trim of the most adorable
caricature nurses!
You MUST see!

 Followed by
the teachers apron.
On an apple print with bib and pockets
of teachers!

 The last one I made was for me.
The cupcake apron with a cupcake bib.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A lot like Christmas!... our Craft Room!  
We barely have walking space, as our shelves and floor are covered with 
 so many wonderful new surprises!

 I decided to try my "hand" at making some hand puppets!
They each have their own personality.  

 This is a close up at a kitty.

This inch worm tried to make friends but
he was too animated for Molly.
She decided if she didn't look at him...he would
go away.


A lovely angel wreath...come early!!...
There is only one!

Ruth and Carolyn are busy making
snowmen and Santa's
and you'll never guess, what they are made with!...
Rolo Candy!
A great stocking stuffer or gift 
for anyone!

 Little table top battery operated lights.
You can place them anywhere!
They will bring some cheer to 
 someone in a nursing home.

There is sooo much that you haven't seen.
We work very hard every year, to bring
you new idea's that we feel you will enjoy.

To see it all, come to our bazaar on
Friday and Saturday, December 6th and 7th
8:00 am  to 3:00 pm
Bethany UMC
1401 Mt Rose Ave. York
We are handicap accessible with
plenty of parking available.

Plan to stay for a great lunch!
Rumor has it that we will  have
4 different soups!
Plus hamburger BBQ and chicken salad sandwiches,
salads, red beet eggs, drinks and the very best desserts!

Any questions call Carolyn at 843-2922.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All the Little Elves are Busy!

As you can see, all the little elves are busy: creating
wonderful new items for our bazaar!

This Deer wreath, just might appeal to the man 
in the house.  it has a bit of the forest look.
 The theme is taken from the ribbon.  There 
are deer, tree's, pine cones and snow!
Pure Gold!
This little beauty is all gold.

The wreath is wrapped in gold ribbon,
 It is covered with gold berries, 
gold glass balls are added and it is 
topped with a lovely gold ribbon!

Oh So Sweet!
This is a red clear glass container, covered  
with candy canes, (not real)., adorned with a ribbon
 and bow.  It is filled with holly,etc., and a red cardinal.

We made 3 Winter windows.
This one and 2 other slightly larger.
 They were not finished, when I took
the picture of this smaller one.

They are old window frames painted and screened,
 and bedecked.  The candles are battery.
 They will look great on an inside  or outside
wall.  Very original!
(Sorry, this one is SOLD!)
But we have 2 others that are just as lovely!

We love our little reindeer soaps!
They are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom!
And a perfect little hostess gift!
These will go fast!

This is a child's wooden rocker.  It is solid and in good shape.
It was donated to us.  The girls were going to sell it on our
 Attic Treasures table for $3.00!
I saw it and knew what I was going to create.
I cleaned it up good and gave it a
fresh coat of green paint.  It is adorned with
Ivy, berries, and minerature white lights, and
finished with a Christmas bow!

It is just lovely lit or unlit and will look sweet anywhere.
The greens and lights can be removed after the holidays
and it will make a perfect rocking chair for
a toddler, making it a great gift for a new baby!

Now, before I show you the last grouping of pictures,
I thought I'd give you a lesson in creating a 
craft.  Many times we are asked "How did
you do that?"  or "Where  did you ever 
come up with that idea?"

I love creating new things and my answer has always
been "It's a gift God gave me."  I simply "see"
ideas in my head and start from there.

For this craft, the idea came from another craft show.
I saw a large frame with a green velvet background and 
it was outlined and shaped into a Christmas tree
with pieces of jewelry.  I thought about doing this for 2 years.
We asked our members for old jewelry pieces.  

This year,  I decided to attempt it...
but the longer I thought, the less I wanted to do a 
Christmas tree.  To do all that work, for it only to be displayed
during the holidays, did not interest me, and I didn't think 
it would sell because of that.

So with much thought, and divine guidance, it came to me...

make a HEART!

The pictures will show the steps that I took
in creating this wonderful
one of a kind piece of Jewelry Art!

First, I took a beautiful new frame, donated to
 me by my dear friends, Joyce and Karl Rosengrant.
The frame measures 20" x 24", and it is gold.

This picture shows the back of the frame.  I placed it on 
the floor and gathered together the jewelry pieces that were donated 
and also pieces that are mine.  I did a "lay out" to see how 
they would fit within the frame.  Then...

Next, I turned the frame over, and
placed an overlay of lace, and got an idea of how 
I wanted the gold beading to lay.
I wanted a romantic look.

I was now ready to proceed.

I pressed the underlay of material and stapled
it to poster board.  I pressed the lace and overlay-ed it onto
 the material  and taped it to the back.  Then I thinned tacky
 glue with water and used a sponge and saturated the material.
  I left it to dry overnight.  When dry the material was stiff.

I decided to do the outside of the heart in themes.
On the bottom left, I grouped
all the butterflies.

On the bottom right, I grouped
the pearl jewelry.

Not individually shown, is bow jewelry
at the top corners

Then I placed all my heart jewelry down the
 center of the heart.

On the outside center of the heart,
I placed 2 cameo's.

I finished by placing the remaining jewelry
inside the heart.  Arranging it , until I was satisfied with the look.
All the gold beading and jewelry is adhered
with Crazy glue.

Jewelry Art
The finished piece!

This project took me 3 days.  
Approximately halve of this jewelry was mine.
I went to my jewelry boxes twice, looking for more pieces.
  The hardest part of this project for me,
was removing all the clasps on the back 
of all the jewelry, rendering it useless as wearable 
jewelry.... As many of the  pieces are Vintage.

I could not have completed this project without
your donations of jewelry pieces...Thank you!

This framed jewelry art piece turned out lovelier
then I ever imagined.  It will look beautiful on any
wall.  I envision it on a bedroom
wall,  above one of those tall jewelry chests.

This is a lesson on how I create
what starts as an idea in my brain.
and I give the Glory to my Lord.

Hope you enjoyed "the lesson."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Frost on the Pumpkin and Christmas is in the Air!

It's October 2nd and only 84 days until Christmas!  The craft gals are very busy, getting ready for our Christmas Bazaar!  We have our jellies made and just made "Apple Pie in a Jar!"  It's homemade canned apple pie filling,  ready to pour into a crust and top with crust or crumble.  We will have other homemade treats for you as well!

And wait until you smell the lovely homemade soaps and scrubs,
created by Khris Lehman and her helpers.

"Antique" Santa in metal sleigh
with floral arrangement.
Designed by Dee.

 Large Christmas basket of
Poinsettia's and red bird's.
Designed by Dee.

We have a large selection of
wood Christmas ornaments.

All our wood ornament designs were cut out  and
 donated by Jean McCleary, a very talented lady.

Shown are some of our hand painted
ornaments.  These were hand painted by Carole.
They are lovely!

 Shown above are our ladies making our large pine cone snowmen.
Our pine cones come all the way from
North Carolina...thanks to
Gail Hartsough.

 Rachel joined our craft guild this season.  She is
a very talented Crafter!
Shown is one of her "Quilted" ornaments, they are very special.

 We have a few arrangements that are
lit by battery.  Designed by Dee.
That way they can be centerpieces on your table
with no electric cords.

This year, something new with our
old Bethany song books!...
a Snowman!...
wishing you a 
Jolly, Holly, Christmas.
Designed by Dee.
Yes, we still have some songbook Angels as well. 

Here Faye and Donna are  assembling
our Christmas card placemats.
They are laminated, so they can be used again and again!

Carole and Shirley are taking
inventory of the items that we have 
purchased so far, for our
Secret Santa Shoppe.
Bring your children and grandchildren 
to our Christmas Bazaar, to do their shopping!
All items are sold at or below cost.
This shop is for children ONLY...
no adults are allowed in our 
Secret Santa Shoppe ! All children's
gifts are wrapped and tagged
at no extra cost.

Yes, we are all busy crafting at home and at church,
working hard to make this our best Christmas Bazaar ever!

Sooo Much More to Come!

See you at our next posting!...until then, 
We wish you God's many Blessings!