Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas Bazaar and New Officers for 2011-2012

Carolyn is our New President.
Here she has 2 tables filled with hand knitted items.

At the end of the day!
Millie and Ruth are just plum tired out!
Ruth is our new Vice President.

Looks like our trees were pretty well
cleaned off of ornaments!

Susan and Shirley are busy wrapping
gifts that were selected by the
children in our Secret Santa Shoppe!

We had great help in the kitchen!
Jesse not only enjoyed the food but helped
us in the kitchen.

Congratulations to our new officers:

Carolyn Weidemann, President
Ruth Helfrich, Vice President
Carole Alwood, Treasurer
Deb McCauslin, Secretary

Khris Lehman who served as our President 2009-2010
Khris did a wonderful job and brought new ideas that
have helped us continue to do good things for our
church and community in the name of our Lord.

We also Thank Vi Harrell, who served as Vice President, Ruth who served as Treasurer from the beginning of our Guild, and Carole Alwood who served as Secretary.

We gifted $700 to the UM Women for the Thanksgiving and Christmas
food baskets and we gave an additional $2,000 for the concrete
project at the rear of the church.

We have started up for our Wednesday meetings, but so far,
the snow seems to be coming in the middle of the week , and we have missed
3 meetings, so we are all to a very sloooow start!

We invite all the ladies to join us every Wednesday, (weather permitting),
at 9:00am to Noon in the Social Room. Don't be afraid if you,ve never crafted, we will
guide you to being an imagineer!