Saturday, September 25, 2010

Now For Some GLITTER!

This wreath is in various shades of purple.
The balls, leaves and "Peace" message are all glittered!
I purchased all the items for this wreath, after Christmas last year.
It is big and beautiful!

But as I always tell you, the pictures are not as lovely as the products.

I also purchased all the items for this wreath last year.
She is silver and full of glitter and Glory!

The theme the birth of our Saviour.
Again, every thing was purchased last year.

These 2 ornaments were purchased last year.
I loved them and knew that I would incorporate them into a wreath!
If you look closely, you will see them in the wreath above.

I featured this wreath earlier, then realized that I hadn't finished it!
It is a lovely quilted piece that I purchased at a yard sale!
I added my touch and it is now adorned with gold glittered stars.
And it lights up!

Christmas isn't Christmas without the
sweet smell of gingerbread!

I purchased the glittered gingerbread men after the holidays last year.
I purchased and made glittered buttons (using a 40 o/o off coupon)
and adorned him with candy canes.
and used gingerbread ribbon that I found in my ribbon drawer.

This small wreath is adorable.
It was made from bells purchased after Christmas last year,
and all the other items were in
my crafting supply containers.

This lovely centerpiece was designed from
items that I had in my crafting containers.

This photo shows you that there are 3 ruby red
candle holders in the center.
I put in 3 battery flicker lights.
You can also burn real candles, if desired.

I found the sleigh in our donated items.
The rest was in my crafting supply containers.

This arrangement is very special to me. I inherited the fiber optic Santa and sleigh
from my Aunt Helen's estate last year. She was a wonderful, loving
Christian, I decided that she would be pleased if I created
an arrangement and donated it to our Guild. I made a little snowman and created
a snow scene with trees and birds.
It will look lovely placed anywhere and perfect for someone in
a nursing home!

I found a wooden egg and holder in my Spring crafting supplies.
I saw Santa right away!

Here is a side view, so you can see he is indeed an egg!

As you can see, I've been busy in my basement, making wreaths...why in the basement?...because glitter, glitter, glitter, is everywhere! I even managed to get some on the wreaths!! I have made 7 wreaths, at this time, but can only show you 6...the 7Th, must wait until candy canes go on sale. It will be adorable and pictured later!

Did you ever wonder how hard it must be to create Christmas crafts in July, August, September and October??? Believe me when I tell you that it is a challenge. Most of us go shopping after Christmas for items on sale up to 80 o/o off. And we ALWAYS use coupons! If we were not bargain shoppers, we could not sell these items at the unbelievable low prices that we do. Also, many of you donate items to us, and most of you would not recognize them after we have designed them into a one of a kind craft.

And lastly...I recently bought a lovely little book titled, "Whispers of Encouragement". I'd like to start sharing a verse with you at the close of each posting.


The most beautiful world is always
entered through the imagination.
If you wish to be something you
are not---something fine, noble,
Good--you shut your eyes, and for
one dreamy moment
you are that
which you long to be.


Enjoy your day, and if you enjoyed what you saw, please take a moment and click on comment on the bottom of each posting and let us know. Dee

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The knitting needles have been clicking!

Carolyn has been very busy making more beautiful
hand knitted items that you will NOT find in any dept. store.
If you are looking for quality hand knit items,
come early for a good selection.

Above is a lovely cranberry sleeveless sweater.

This photo shows the design in the center.

Molly being a cool cat, loves "girly" things.
So she posed with this hand knit bag that
Carolyn made. This bag is fully lined with 3 inside pockets,
one for keys and a double pocket for your cell phone and sunglasses.

Carolyn made some warm cozy slippers.
The top ones are called "Dorm Slippers" and
the bottom ones will stretch to fit.

I (Dee), made these counted cross stitch
wide mouth lids for canning.

Oh yes...did I forget to tell you that we will have
special home canned treats?
More about them later!

The Craft Guild Imagineers are continuing to create daily at home and weekly at church, to make this the BIGGEST and BEST, Christmas Bazaar ever! Tell your friends and neighbors to pull up our web site at to see some of our creations and to mark their calendar for Friday, December 3RD. We will be open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, to accommodate everyone who works outside the home.

We plan to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner AND we are planning a special Santa Shop for our little shoppers! More details later!

Our group is very unique! We do NOT have vendor tables, everything that you see has been created be approximately 12 Imagineers!

This year we will also have a very nice section of Attic Treasures.

Can't wait?...neither can we have to get busy crafting!

p.s. The next posting will have 7 lovely wreaths and more Christmas items, that I have been working on at home. This is the year of "Glitter", you should see my basement!...George kicked me out of the Dinning room!...too messy!