Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Tea and Easter Bazaar!

After our last big snow,
Molly was on her window seat,
when a red wren, flew onto the
outside screen on the window!
She was beside herself with excitement!

A Sampling of "Cake Pops"
the NEWEST bakery sensation!
Created by Dee...We will have them
at our bazaar!

Easter Bonnet Bunnies
handcrafted by Dee

Daffodil Chimes
Handcrafted by Dee

Spring Floral Basket
handcrafted by Dee

"Miss Molly" Bunny
Handcrafted by Dee and Betty

Spring Topiary
handcrafted by Betty

Indoor Bird houses
handcrafted by Dee and Betty

Small Spring Floral Pots
Handcrafted by the Imagineers

Strawberry Wreath
Handcrafted by Khris

Spring Wreath
handcrafted by Dee

Spring Blue Bonnet Wreath
handcrafted by Dee

Gerber Daisy Heart Wreath
handcrafted by Khris

Our Spring Tea and Easter Bazaar will be held on Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th from 8am to 3pm on each day.

We will be serving a breakfast buffet and a Tea luncheon of soup, sandwiches, assorted desserts, hot or cold tea, etc. on both days.

Come see our large array of Spring and Easter Crafts including, wreaths, floral arrangements, bunnies, and so very many one of a kind crafts!...and...

We will have Attic Treaures, which are always fun to shop for and...

Our Bethany Bakers will be busy baking fresh homemade baked goods,
including, fruit and nut breads, cakes, pies, cookies, apple dumplings,
Our exclusive "Cake Pops", fudge , candies and more!

Bring your friends and family to this special event!