Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas in July!

You see this design everywhere!...but this is a one of a kind, as are all our pieces.
Made from beautiful brooches and earrings. This piece is perfect for the upcoming holiday season! Wear with black for a stunning're sure to get raves!

Perfect for the teenager who loves western jewelry.

This piece is my personal favorite! It adorable! Designed from pendants and earrings and something any young lady would love!

Gold and turquoise, and designed from a broken pin! Very stylish!

This is just simply sweet... Designed from a broken pin and pendant! I love it!

This silver and blue piece will appeal to all ages.

Uh Oh!...Molly discovered that pictures are being taken and as always she wants in them! This is a sweet pendant with a pearl center, that was made from an earring.

Molly just loves this "Web Dream Maker" necklace as would any teenager, male or female.

Molly is showing you a...
A lovely mother of pearl shell necklace made from an earring!

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets her wings" This is an ornament and a pin to wear.

Drink your orange juice...we need the lids! This is a lovely ornament using a metal orange juice lid for the base.

This is a cow bell Snowman , about 3" tall. He is sparkly and has a bell for his nose.

We asked our Bethany friends for broken and unused jewelry and wow! you gave us many lovely pieces. The pieces you see were all cleaned in my jewelry cleaner and then re-designed into something new for our Christmas Bazaar! I'm not done, so I'm sure you'll see more!

The Yo Yo angels come in ornament and pin sizes and will make a great gift.

We also will be making ornaments from frozen orange juice lids, so please drink your orange juice and save the lids for us!

This is a "cowbell snowman", about 3" tall. He is sparkly and has a bell nose.

The pictures do not do the crafts and jewelry justice as the jewelry is shiny and sparkly and and the crafts are bright and merry!

We just had our planning meeting and hope to see some new faces on Wednesday, August 4th, at 9:00 am in the Social room. Come in the back entrance and ring the bell.

It's time for fun, fellowship as the Imagineer's start up creating for the holidays!