Friday, October 29, 2010

Counting Down to our Christmas Bazaar!

Ahhhh!...Now I have your attention!
This is a warm homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge cake.
Every year, my good friend, Deb Kauffman,
bakes one for her birthday
to share with her co-workers.
And she always makes sure that I get a slice...
it's one of my very favorites...maybe I can get her to
bake one for the bazaar!

Molly, who needs no introduction, of course "jumped" at the chance
of getting her picture taken, when she saw me with the camera.

Cute snowmen heads!
purrfect...for the bathroom...
can you guess what they are made with?

Saw a very similar item in a lovely
new gift shop...a one of a kind.

A very large glass brand snifter.
Filled with glass balls and glitter snow.
(Is that Molly back there???)

White poinsettia's and snowmen.

I painted a winter scene around
this bottle. It turned out very nicely!

Small plates for Santa's cookies!

Carol came up with this cute craft...
Santa paint brushes!

A lovely large wreath with glitter
and shiny balls. Candy canes and a touch of snow.
I liked it so much, that I am also making one for my front door.

Unfortunately, you can not see the detail of this wreath.
They are very detailed, showing the Holy Family with the 3 Wise Men.
A MUST see!

Carol made this lovely
red poinsettia wreath.

Carolyn is modeling 2 aprons, made by
Barb Saylor.

We have shown you sooo much and there is soo much more that you haven't seen!
Our 2010 Christmas Bazaar is bigger and better than ever!

We will be serving an "All You Can Eat" breakfast from 8 am to 10 am;
featuring quiche, special home baked potatoes, muffins, fruit, orange juice, coffee and tea.
Prepared for you by Khris Lehman and staff.

Lunch will be served from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm
Dinner will be served from 4 pm to 6:30 pm
The menu will be:
Homemade creamy corn chowder with bacon
( we husked the fresh corn this Summer, and froze it)
Hamburger Vegetable Camp soup
Chicken salad sandwiches
Ham salad sandwiches
Fresh Cranberry Salad
Assorted desserts
Assorted beverages

We have planned our event, so you can sit down, enjoy a meal, meet new friends, relax and
of course, shop...all at the same place!

For the first time this year, we will have a special Santa Shoppe for
the children! No parents allowed in the Santa Shoppe!
Just give them a list of names,
perhaps ages of young ones that they are shopping for
and their spending money.
Santa's helpers will assist them! Their gifts
will be wrapped and ready for under the tree!

We will have homemade jams, wonderful fresh baked goods,
including sugar cakes and apple dumplings. Special candy and soo much more!

What makes this event sooo very special???...
Everything has been made by the Bethany Craft Guild
and our wonderful Bethany members!

We strongly feel that the Lord Blesses
us, as we work, pray and plan our
events every Wednesday morning from 9am-noon.
We would LOVE to have you join us!

We are sooo happy that
we are now handicapped accessible!
Everyone can enjoy our event!

More to come later!
Mark your calendar and plan a day of fun and excitement with us!
Friday December 3rd 8:00 am to 7: 00 pm
Bethany United Methodist Church
1401 Mt Rose Ave York