Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Workshop is Busy!

These are just some of our Craft Guild ladies.
Left to right: Barb, Carolyn, Carole, Ruth, Gail and Khris.

More of Carolyn's fine knitting!
This is a cowl neck scarf, that can be pulled up to cover your head.
Very New York!

Three different designs of scarfs.

Look at the lovely pattern in
this hat and scarf set.

Another lovely hat and scarf set.
If you are looking for a one a a kind, lovely handmade gift,
come early, these will go fast!

How many times have you wished you had a wristlet...
so your fingers could be free?
You'll find them at the Christmas bazaar!

A lovely selection of scarfs.

Don't they just make you think of feel warm and snuggly,
when you're out in the cold?

A lovely lady unknown to us made this quilt, however,
she died before it was completed and her family
donated it to us to complete. Dee just sewed on the green trim that was already pinned on.
Thank You dear Angel!
It will fit a twin bed or
be great for a coverlet to keep you warm when
you're watching TV etc.

These are 2 Welcome decors, that can be hung on a door or wall.
Made by Dee and Ruth.
Ruth will be adorning hers with snowflakes.

Gail cut out and painted this gourd.
A great gift to display for year round.

This gal is ready for a snowball battle!
She was created by Gail and Carolyn knit her
a lovely hat and scarf .

Join us on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 am to noon. You will have a great time!