Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thanks for Supporting our Spring Bazaaar!

Birds in the Bush!
As you know, Molly always likes to be included
in the blog postings. Here she is on her window
seat at the bedroom window, which looks out
onto the neighbors bush, which is a wonderful haven for the birds.
On this early Spring day, is was fully adorned with wrens, to
Molly's delight!

Enjoying shopping for some
ribbon necklaces.

Aileen and Pastor JP.

The boys are on break.

A Super Dedicated Kitchen Helper!

Carole making sure everyone is taken care of.

The room is filled with an array of crafts and people.

An assortment of our homemade jams

Chickens, and bunnies, and more...oh my!

A table filled with floral arrangements.

Jerry...what would we do without him?

and his lovely wife, Ruth:
helping arrange the candy counter.

A huge Thank You to all our Bethany Bakers...
For the first time, we did not have to go home
after the end of the first day and have to bake more!

I had 2 pictures of Khris in the kitchen welding a rolling pin over Jim's head but unfortunately in my excitement to get the shots, I moved and they came out too fuzzy. Without their help and expertize, we would not have raised the monies that we did. Everyone loved the All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet and our luncheon. We had a choice of 4 very special soups. Boy! can they ever cook!

Also A Big Thank You to our President, Carolyn Weidemann, she put her organizing talents to work. She worked up a schedule and we all knew what we were to do. Great organization!

Each time we have a bazaar, we enjoy it more and always enjoy talking to our friends and making new friends. It's a wonderful opportunity to witness for our Lord and Bethany!

We will be taking off for a much needed rest until August, and then we will have a planning meeting for our Christmas Bazaar. If you have been thinking of joining us, we would love to have you! It's an oportunity to get out of the house and enjoy laughter and christian fellowship.

We raised over $2,300. With that, we will be purchasing a new refrigerator (much needed), helping to support the Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets with a gift of $500, and the balance given to our Safe Access Fund.

Thank you to everyone and may the Lord Bless you with a wonderful Summer!